Interesting Vehicle Storage Products for Interesting Businesses

Storage always was and always will be an important part of any business. After all, organization is one key to success. Being organized allows efficient operations and adds time-saving techniques to any profession. Cable companies have easy access to coax, connectors, and tools while auto repair companies have toolboxes and shelves that provide easier retrieval of tools and parts when needed.

A lot of companies have totes or storage bins, but do not realize the amazing variety of organization products that they have to choose from. From door shelves to floor shelves and wall hook systems to exterior racking; the possibilities are endless.

Door Storage

Utilizing space on the interior side of doors is a way to make room for other organizational tools.

Options include:

Storage bins


Hook and hanging systems

And more

Wire Spool Racks

Rather than having a bunch of wire in the van scattered about, stacked on the floor, or piled in a tote; wire spool racks keep them visible and easily accessible. It prevents sliding around and keeps all wire in one location.

Wire spool racks are useful for:

Electrical service companies

Cable TV companies

Telephone companies

Rental property owners and managers

And any other profession that requires wires

A wire spool rack adds more space in the vehicle and provides more visibility to what is available when needed.

Drawer Systems with Dividers

In a profession that carries a lot of small pieces and parts, drawers systems work well to reduce clutter, provide easy access, and protect products. Labeling is an advantage and allows for easier retrieval of components when they are needed. It also provides a way to discover a solution to a problem by seeing what is available to work with.

Dividers add the convenience of storing numerous parts or products in each drawer. All divided areas can also be labeled.

Vehicle drawer systems with dividers work great for:


TV repair companies

Appliance repair companies

Home improvement companies

And much more

Fold-Away Shelving Units

Shelves keep things organized, but tend to occupy a good amount of space. Fold-away shelves are a great way to compact the area and only use what is needed. These shelves have framing that mounts to the walls and the shelving folds upwards into the frame when it is not needed. Lowers shelves can be folded to prevent bumps in the head when reaching for top ones. That also allows more room on the floor for other things.

Fold-away shelving can be used by:

Home repair companies

Appliance repair companies

Tool rental companies


Plumbing servicemen

Construction companies

And much more.