Closet Design Ideas for Small Closets

Having a place for all of your clothes is essential. However, not everyone has the hanging space he or she needs in order to organize items properly. Even if you have a small space in which to work, you can still have a neat and tidy area with the proper closet design.

Add Extender Rods

If you are living with a small cupboard, then you might find extra space by adding an extender rod. This piece hangs off the existing rod and gives you a second row in order to hang items. This is handy for those who do not have several long dresses to store. You can make one row of clothing shirts and the other row pants and skirts. It easily doubles your hanging space.

If you have an odd-shaped closet design, you can add tension rods in the corners perpendicular to your main clothing rod. This will give you added space to hang items, and it is a good place to store less popular clothing choices.

Use Hooks

You can reclaim wall space that is not already covered by clothing, by adding hooks. If you have enough wall space, put up rows of hooks for things like belts, purses, and jackets. You can even use larger rod-type hooks to store additional shirts and pants along the walls.

Larger hooks placed over the door on the inside of the closet allow you to hang seldom-used items such as suitcases or bags. Any lightweight, seasonal clothing can then be stored out of the way in the suitcases.

Do not forget that the back of your door can be used for more storage space, too. Hooks and towel-type rods attached here are a great way to store scarves and shoes.

Shelf-Dividers and Baskets

Utilizing shelf space is a great way to store folded clothing. However, those towers of shirts and sweaters can become messy over time. Using shelf dividers not only allows you organize your tops, but also keeps them neatly in place.

Under the shelf baskets are an addition often overlooked in the bedroom. These handy holders work great for accessories.

Baskets and Containers

If you have seasonal items and the additional room, then you may consider getting baskets or containers. Each season, you can rotate out what is in the baskets. This way, you only have the clothing you need hanging in your closet. The items you will not wear for several months are neatly put away and protected from the elements.


Adding organizers to your closet design may make the most sense. You can buy them custom made to fit in your small space. They give you enough hanging space to keep your clothing nice and neat. In addition, you get shelving to store folded items such as sweaters. You may even be able to squeeze a shoe rack in so that you can keep all of your footwear in one place.

Closet design does not have to take up an entire room to be effective. Even with a small space, you can have a neat, organized area for your clothing.