4 Storage Options for the Modern Home

One of the biggest problems faced by modern homes is a dearth of ample space, be it in terms of shelving or storage. Homes in urban settings, today, are defined by their cramped spaces and rapidly increasing cost per square foot area. This has made innovative storage options a welcome change for those who are hoping to find the best of both worlds, both aesthetics as well as functionality. There is a constant question on the mind of the home-owner, ‘where do we keep the rest of the stuff.’

Going in for a home with relatively less square footage area does not mean that you have to compromise on how you can set it up. There are a number of interesting ways that you can increase your storage options and at the same time continue to keep to your standards of aesthetics. Be it through smart use of the ever evolving sofa-beds or through an innovative modular kitchenette, there are more than one ways to save yourself some space in your new home.

Here are some techniques to help you save on space, but at the same time not compromise on style:

A spacious cabinet

Never underestimate the amazing storage space afforded by your medicine cabinet. Be they in the bathroom or in your bedroom, behind a mirror or mounted inside a wall, they are perfect for additions in order to optimize the storage space. Get yourself some sticky hooks and mount plastic shells on the doors of the cabinets. You can even try and add magnet based hooks if you want. A simple array of hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors can not only serve as a place for you to hang things but also decrease the clutter in the bathroom.

Innovative appliances

There are appliances today that are smaller than before and far more effective at what they do. The internet of things has revolutionized the perception of automation in this industry. Be it dishwashers, or even washer-dryers, finding space for these equipment and organizing it properly can help open up a lot of space for use.

Storage beds or under the bed

Beds which can also store things are a life-saver in small houses. These beds are deep and have ample space to store all your woolens, change of sheets and pillow-cases, curtains, among a variety of other things. If you want you can also use this space to store extra mattresses and pillows in case guests come calling. If you don’t have a storage bed get some containers and begin to use the space under the bed so as to store your essentials.

Organise your shelving

One of the most underutilized space in the house, the closet usually finds most of its stuff packed into it helter-skelter. Organize your closet space using hangers and shelves. Blendura racks can provide you racking solutions that will go with your d├ęcor as well as are durable. These racks can be given textures, colours and designs according to your requirement. You can even go for T-RAX racks which come in a variety of weight capacities and can be easily assembled and disassembled when required.