8 Benefits of a Wall Safe

A safe in the wall is a lot better than other types of safes since it offers a lot of advantages for your home or business. Here is a description of a few of those advantages.

Easy to Hide

You will find that safes are a lot easier to hide in a wall. Hence, it will be a lot safer as it will be hidden from the eyes of the burglars. To make the safe safer, you can hang a painting on it.

Easy to Access

You can access a safe in a wall more conveniently. You don’t need to bend over to open the lock or get something out of the safe. Since the wall safe is at your eye level, you can get access to the content inside the safe without any problem. You can put your put your stuff in the safe while in the standing position.


Most of the quality safes have bolts on the inside so they can’t be accessed without opening the lock. Moreover, the blots are not easy to access either even when the doors are open. The majority of wall safes feature a flange, which makes it even harder for the burglars to access the blots.

Space Saving

Another great advantage of safes in a wall is that they save a lot of space. Most homes don’t have a lot of floor space. That is the reason most people use the space for the things they need the most. And wall safes don’t consume any floor space at all, which makes them great.

Less Conspicuous

If you have a wall safe in your office, the safe will not be as conspicuous as other types of safes. Since you won’t need to crouch down or bend over in order to get your stuff out of the safe, you won’t attract anyone’s attention. You will get in and out of the safe quickly without anyone taking notice of you.

Protection From Flood

In case of a flood, floor safes are more likely to get submerged under water. On the other hand, wall safes are in a safer position. While most of safes are designed in a way that they are safe from water, wall safes don’t get damaged due to water because they are off the ground.

Hidden from Kids

Since safes are mounted on a wall, they are out of the reach of naughty kids. So, your kids won’t be able to tamper with the safe or the security system.

Easy to Install

Wall safes are lighter. You won’t need a professional to install them. You can perform the installation with just a few household tools. Most of the safes include a template for helping the owners with the installation process.

So, these are a few benefits of installing a safe in the wall. If you have been looking for one for your home or office, we suggest that you go for wall safes. Hopefully, this will help you do the installation on your own in addition to making your stuff a lot safer than before.