Tips for Choosing a Drinking Water System

With so many types of drinking water systems on the market to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to make a decision. Fortunately, there is a way to combat this shopping anxiety by learning a little more about water filtration. This will give you the knowledge to understand which type of filter will meet your water purification needs, thus allowing you to narrow down your buying options. Continue reading to learn some tips for choosing a new drinking water filter for your home, and who to call for trusted water softening advice.

Test Your Water

Before you begin shopping around for a new filtration system, it is important to test your water. How do you know which filtering device you need if you don’t know what you need to filter out of your drinking water? For this reason, you want to purchase an at-home water testing kit. These are available at any local home improvement or hardware store, and relatively inexpensive. Read the directions carefully and proceed to test your water. The test results will reveal which contaminants are present in your home’s water supply, which will then let you know what you are dealing with in terms of filtration.

Water Impurities

Not all water filters can remove 100 percent of contaminants. But not all contaminants are hazardous to our health or homes. Small amounts of certain pollutants are safe, but high traces of problematic impurities is a concern. These include iron, chlorine, arsenic, calcium, magnesium, and more. Testing your water will let you know which impurities need to be controlled more than others. For homes with high amounts of iron in their water, an iron filtration system is most helpful. These are also used in conjunction with other filtration devices, such as RO systems, faucet filters, point of use systems, whole-house filters, water filter pitchers, and more.

Professional Assistance

The best method for solving a water impurity issue in your home is to consult a professional soft water contractor. They have the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources to accurately detect water contamination problems, and provide solutions for them in a convenient time frame. They can let you know exactly which drinking water systems are right for your water filtration needs, and they can provide testing, diagnostics, sales, installation, and service all in one! Be sure to choose a licensed soft water company that has several years of experience.