Moving Tips On Tipping

A lot of people ask if they should tip their mover. The short answer is; yes. Provided of course, they are on time, don’t break anything, and do what was promised. Still, some moving companies will want to charge your credit card up front with a 20% gratuity add-on, claiming that it is standard in the industry. That’s not entirely true.

Further, if you are at a restaurant and finish your meal and the service was horrible, are you still required to tip? Heavens no. Okay so, let’s dive into this topic a little deeper so you can better understand what is proper and how you can leverage your tip to ensure quality care of your belongings as they make the transition into your new place.

Relocating and moving is often an act of controlled chaos. It’s a stressful time. No matter how perfect you think your plans are, once you start moving you find out just how unpredictable things can get. Having the right moving company with the right crew can make all the difference. You need a crew that is on your side. A crew that is on your team to do the job right and carefully move all your precious personal property.

First, it makes sense to ask someone who knows a little about the industry or has recently moved for a solid referral. Another wise choice is to find a moving and storage referral company with a strong reputation to screen for a top-notch moving company with fair pricing.

If a moving company demands a 20% gratuity in advance, you probably need to tell them that you don’t feel comfortable paying for that until after the move is complete and you are totally satisfied. Don’t be bullied. If they pressure you too much simply hang-up, as there are other moving and storage companies out there that will treat you right.

Second, how you tip is as important as ‘if’ you tip. You might mention to the crew leader moving your stuff that “if you guys do a good job there will be a good tip for you when you are done.” Also, remember if you are moving a long-distance and the moving company is boxing up your stuff there might be a different crew unloading the boxes. So, you’ll want to tip the loading crew and the unloading crew separately. See that point?

How Much Is a Reasonable and Fair Tip for a Moving Company Crew?

One very easy way to calculate the tip is to guestimate how many hours the crew worked and then multiply that by the number of people on the crew. Then multiply that by $4 or $5. It’s best to give the money to the crew leader – preferably in front of at least one of the crew members – and ask for the money to be distributed evenly among the moving crew.

If the job is not satisfactory consider reducing the tip or completely foregoing any gratuity to the movers. If you decide not to give a tip, explain that you are upset and tell them why. If they did an excellent job, but you can’t afford to tip too much, explain the financial hardship this move has caused and apologize.

It’s More About Encouragement, Trust, and Gratitude Than Money

You might also consider, if it is possible, supplying cold drinks and/or water for the moving crew. Show them you care about them. Their natural inclination will be to care about you and make sure you are happy.

If you see your movers taking a big item up some stairs and they are doing back-breaking work, this is a good time to tell them; “You guys are really earning your tip, I guess you don’t have to go to the gym today!” Be fun, happy, pleasant, and supportive. Treat them like family and they will treat your belongings as if they are their own.

Believe it or not, your moving crew wants to feel like they are doing a good job, that you are pleased. They’ll work harder if you show them respect and are thankful for all their extra effort. The tip at the end is further proof that you are truly pleased and happy with their job. Sometimes moving customers forget this reality when it comes to human motivation psychology. And, it’s easy to do, but try not to make that mistake.

Compliment your movers if and when they do something good. Let them know you notice their moving skills and thank them for being careful with your stuff. When you have a good moving team and treat them right, it’s just amazing how smooth your move can be. Please consider all this.