Where to Place Heaters in Your Home?

So, winter is coming and the weather has taken the turn towards cold. In the midst of the changing weather, you’ve researched heat pump solutions and have decided to purchase a unit. You’ll need to place your new unit somewhere in the home, but where?

The placement of your heating pump will depend on a few things, though the type of heater is one of the most important factors in determining placement. The layout of your home must also be considered, so you’ll need to find out your options. To help you along the way, let’s go over where to place some common heaters.

Heating Ducts

Central heating may seem complicated, but it is easy to figure out where to place a heating duct. Commonly, ducts are placed inside either the ceiling, wall, or floor. A vent will be placed as well, and do better when they are placed in the floor of your home. However, you may be limited to where you can place furniture to avoid blocking vents in the floor.

Vents provide the best heat when they are placed in areas where household members sit or work. All vents will need to be installed in accordance with Australia’s requirements, so it is recommended that you work with a technician.

Permanent Space Heaters

When placing space heaters in the home, especially heaters that emit convective heat, install them in an area where they will not blow directly at or onto a wall. The ideal placement for these heaters is anywhere that allows it to circulate air without being positioned too closely to sitting areas.

Wood heaters are typically placed in an area that is away from couches and other flammable materials but close enough to emit warmth without getting too hot. Specialists in heating for Davenport homes can help you determine where to place units so that the home is kept comfortable and safe.

Portable Heaters

Portable heat pump solutions include portable heaters, which can be placed just about anywhere inside the home. There are some tricks, though, that can be used to make sure that they perform as well as possible. For example, placing them close to the ground allows hot air to rise and warm your space.

Another tip is to ensure that fans on the heater are not blocked by walls and other items, as this can cause them to overheat. Bar heaters should also be kept away from flammable items and materials that may catch on fire. Avoid putting heaters next to open windows, as the air will reduce your heater’s performance.

Being comfortable and warm in your own home is a wonderful feeling. However, it can be daunting when you find yourself constantly cold in the middle of winter no matter how much you bundle up. If you’re considering getting a heat pump, consider where you can place it to get the maximum warmth and comfort. By doing so, you save yourself time wondering where to place it and can be warm and comfy much sooner.