Should I Buy My Motorhome Solar Kit Online?

Solar power kits have become increasingly popular for motorhome and caravan owners, as these products allow individuals to generate their own power wherever they are in the world, saving significant amounts of money and also giving the freedom to travel more widely without being restricted to sites with grid power.

Although these can be costly investments, they are often well worth it for those who like to travel extensively, and people can earn back the initial price of the motorhome solar kit through the energy savings that are made over a couple of years or even a few short months.

Of course the needs of each motorhome or caravan owner are often different, which is why there is a large number of different panels, kits and solutions available for people to choose from. With that said, this variety of kits is now available to purchase online as well as from specialist solar power outlets all over the world.

There are certain advantages and certain disadvantages to buying online compared to buying from one of these outlets. Here are some of the reasons why you might decide that buying online is right for you, or why popping in to see an expert before you purchase is the best idea.

Firstly, it is fair to say that motorhome solar solutions are complex, and there is a range of cells, panels and systems that can confuse even the most technically-minded person. Solar panels are a specific area of expertise and not one which the general public tends to have a deep understanding of. Therefore, it can be very easy to buy the wrong solar panel – and many indeed do.

In fact, caravan and motorhome associations around the world have warned that buying the wrong solar panel or investing in the wrong solution can be very costly and will not bring the benefits that were initially hoped for. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to fully inform oneself and to speak to an expert before making a purchase.

This affects online shopping for motorhome solar solutions as there is often not adequate information about products in online stores when you make your purchase. Most products that can be found online are accompanied by marketing jargon and a lower or higher price, which is what most people make a decision based on.

This is unwise – instead you should ensure that when you shop online for these solutions that you speak to an expert from the sales team first. A reputable and honest company will have a customer care team in place that will give you a detailed run down of your options based on your very specific needs, whether on the phone or in person.

Many reputable online retailers are more than happy to discuss you needs and options at length over the phone, and this is why – if you do opt for online shipping – you should ensure that you choose a retailer with this kind of telephone support. Otherwise, make an appointment to visit a solar power specialist in person for the best advice on where to spend your money.

Another thing to be aware of is the delivery and installation of your solar products if you have ordered them online. Shipping can cause damage to products, so make sure that when you order that your purchase is backed up by a refunds and returns policy in the case where the product is broken or simply not fit for purpose.

Furthermore, ensure that all items that you buy online come with full instructions on how to install and use them so that you are getting full and proper use out of your device. Again, opt for a retailer – whether in person or over the phone – that can thoroughly advise you and support you when it comes to using these products for best results.