Installing a DIY Water Sprinkler System In a Few Simple Steps

Step 1:

Begin by digging trenches. The typical trench depth is between 6-12 inches (8 inch being the most preferred). Take care to dig them in a V shape and keep them leveled and straight. You would be required to create tunnels below walkways. Water pressure must be used to rinse the soil. After that, cap the PVC pipe with duct tape and slide it inside the tunnel hole.

Step 2:

Connect the pipe to the supply line at the most convenient site you prefer. A good option is near the water meter in the basement. From the other side, start laying the pipe towards the sprinkler sites.

Step 3:

Decide whether you want it above or under the ground or under a box. Assemble the manifold and set it according to the decision. Use a PVC pipe and use it to connect the multiple control valves to create the supply line. The distance between two consecutive valves should be 3-6 inch for easy replacement in the future.

Step 4:

It is time to assemble the pipes in the trenches. It is important that the connections are cured to remove soil and dirt. When integrating the riser tees, screw them at the perfect 90-degree angles to the ground. First, screw them temporarily and fix them after all the pipes have been laid.

Step 5:

Start attaching the sprinkler heads. While doing so, the most important thing is to maintain their height at the correct levels.

Step 6:

The final step is to integrate the system controls with the help of low-voltage wires. Make sure to test each circuit to check that each one works.

Making Good Additions:

  • Use a stop-and-waste shutoff valve near the supply line connection. It would help you drain the system during cold weather.
  • Consider anti-siphon valves for the control valves. It would prevent contamination of the house’s supply lines.

Useful Tips:

  • It is a great idea to sketch the entire layout in the form of a drawing.
  • Take care of not disturbing the gas, power and TV lines.
  • After the final step, water the soil and let the trenches rise a little with addition of more soil.
  • Source the kits and all other components from a reputed water sprinkler Melbourne store.

Watching the final output, you would surely feel proud and satisfied with your efforts. It would inspire you to save more money with similar installations in the future.